Website promotion


What is SEO

SEO Promotion is a complex service for attracting targeted visitors from search engines. The main task of the search engine promotion is to increase site traffic by improving its positions in the results of Google, Yandex, Bing. The effectiveness of SEO optimization and promotion is usually assessed by the amount of targeted traffic from search engines.


Do you need high-quality website promotion? We know how to do it. There are no secrets  in search engine optimization for us and we are ready to apply all our knowledge to improve your positions in search.

Resource type Key words Number of pages Price per month*
Small service site up to 100 targeted requests up to 1 000 pages from 600 euros /month
Classic online store up to 500 targeted requests up to 10 000 pages  from 800 euros /month
Portal / large store 1 000+ targeted requests. 10 000+ pages from 1 200 euros /month

* The price for SEO promotion strongly depends on the field in which you work, and the competition in it. The table shows approximate prices for review. When forming a price, we proceed from the following components: time spent on the project, about 40 hours per month. The cost of the content production necessary for effective promotion. We also add the cost of building the links necessary to reach the competitors’ level. We deal with promotion and optimization of all types of sites.

The promotion service includes:

  • Full SEO optimization.
  • Collection and analysis of keywords.
  • Building a content strategy.
  • Creating links and linking strategy.
  • Study of behavioral factors.

If you are thinking how to start promoting your web resource, just order our free calculation with a mini audit. You will receive an estimate of the cost and terms of search engine promotion, as well as a list of the main mistakes that prevent your site from reaching the TOP.

Order an accurate calculation of promotion cost

Leave a request for promotion and get an accurate calculation for free. The price of promotion doesn’t include the cost of implementing a technical task for website optimization. We will take into account the specifics of your site, whether it is a service site or an online store.

When ordering a promotion from us you get:

  • Complete set of recommendations for SEO optimization and elimination of technical errors and indexing settings.
  • Setting up Webmaster Tools and web analytics systems, tracking positions with the possibility to monitor positions online.
  • Three scheduled audits of your site per month.
  • Creation of content necessary for SEO optimization.
  • Creation of social and link resources necessary for promotion.
  • Direct contact with the specialist who is working on your project.
  • As a result: growth of targeted traffic to your website.

If you want to promote your website on your own, we can offer you the service of compiling the semantic core and recommendations for optimizing your site. But you will have to do the constant work of link building and text optimization yourself.

Google about search optimization 


We offer 7 simple ways to increase your website traffic from search engines:

  1. At the first stage, we analyze your site and your competitors. After that, we form a work plan from 3 months to half a year, in which we describe all the work that should be done to get the site into the TOP10.
  2. The second, but no less important task is compiling a complete list of keywords for promotion. To compile this list, we use statistics tools from Google, Bing, Yandex and Youtube. Thus, we get effective and relevant words for your topic.
  3. Internal SEO optimization and technical setup. 50% of search engine promotion success depends on the internal settings of your site. By collecting information about each page, we draw up a detailed technical task that will allow you to create a fully SEO optimized website.
  4. Drawing up a content plan. Users love sites that are useful, and Google loves sites that people love. Therefore, when we begin to work we create a content plan that allows you to organize the addition of new informative and convenient pages, and this is the best way to get into the top ten of the search.
  5. Analyzing and improving page usability is an important part of any SEO strategy. We set up web analytics systems and A/B testing tools for all our clients. They allow us to improve user behavior online.
  6. SEO strategy won’t be complete if it doesn’t include a link building plan. We can build links for any search engines and regions. Our link strategies have proven successful in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, UK, Germany, Spain, Australia and the USA.
  7. Working with information about your company in search engine services and commercial optimization. We will help you properly set up your representation in Google, Yandex maps and Google merchant.

How SEO works

The principle of website promotion work is based on the specialist’s understanding of the algorithms of the search engine on the Internet. The optimizer knows the main factors that the search engine pays attention to when ranking (sorting) search results. Analyzing competitors, a work plan is created in the main areas:

  • Internal optimization,
  • Technical audit,
  • Improving download speed,
  • Content strategy creation,
  • Analytics and improvement of behavioral factors,
  • Working on links and tags.

Based on experience, the specialist improves the factors at the client’s website, which leads to an increase in search positions. The correct selection of keywords, taking into account understanding of the characteristics of the client’s business, turns positions into targeted traffic and orders.

Constant analysis of search algorithms and work ahead of the curve is an important aspect of SEO optimization. Google changes its approach to valuation quite often. As a result, what worked as a plus in the past can have a negative effect today. A good optimizer monitors the relevance of the selected SEO strategies, which gives a positive result.

Working on the projects, we have formulated 3 main rules for website promotion:

  1. 100% security – we use methods that won’t harm your company’s web project.
  2. Efficiency. We understand that positions and search traffic are only the path to the main goal – increased sales.
  3. Full openness in business and financial matters. All the tools used in the work are registered for you, you get 100% access.


How long does it take to promote a website?

As a rule, 2-3 months are enough to achieve the first results. The full effect of the promotion will be visible in 6 months.

What SEO Techniques Work in 2020?

For effective promotion we use three main areas: technical optimization, work with site content, link building. And of course, improving the usability of the site.

What is necessary to start promoting?

All an optimizer needs is the access to your site and statistics tools. After obtaining the necessary access, the specialist conducts an audit of the site, analyzes the keywords and builds a plan for the further promotion of the site.

Is it possible to promote the site in the search engines on your own?

Yes, it is. Everyone can start promoting their site on their own. The main task of a site owner is to create the highest quality content and try to make a user-friendly site. If people like your site, the search engine will also like it. The task of the SEO specialist is to help the site owner to make the site convenient and understandable for people based on user statistics.

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