SEO site audit


Do you want to optimize your existing site? Are you starting a new business and want to take positions in the search as quickly as possible? We offer you the “SEO optimization audit” service. We will check your site for all aspects of search engine optimization.

What is “technical task for SEO optimization”

  • A complete list of all technical recommendations, written individually for your project. (Scanning, indexing, download speed, https: //).
  • Checking the site for 57 basic elements of internal and technical optimization.
  • Semantic core (list of keywords) based on Google, Yandex and Bing data, ready-made structure based on clustering.
  • Making meta tags, h1-h6, title.
  • Recommendations for composing rich snippets.

Our technical task is a ready-to-use optimization scenario for your programmer.

We have prepared a service for you: SEO audit + internal optimization – a special format for checking the site. During the audit, we not only conduct an analysis, but also make a list of practical recommendations. And if you implement these recommendations, you will get a site completely ready for further promotion.

You receive a complete technical task for SEO optimization of your site after the audit.

As a result of SEO audit, you get:

  • Basic semantic core.
  • Development of structure and navigation.
  • Recommendations on eliminating technical errors.
  • Instructions for filling in meta tags, headings, content.
  • Edits for correct setting of indexing.
  • Internal linking scheme.
  • Describing the use of the required structured data.
  • Additionally: analysis of external links and recommendations on the link strategy.
  • Additionally: basic testing of site usability.


SEO audit cost + technical task

Service type Period of execution Cost
SEO Audit + Technical task for site optimization 15 working days 350€
SEO Audit + Technical task for site optimization + link strategy analysis 25 working days 600€
SEO Audit + Technical task for site optimization + link strategy analysis + usability audit 35 working days 900€

* The table shows the approximate prices for an “average” site up to 1,000 pages, the real audit price depends on the size of the site and the volume of the semantic core. You can order a site audit through the form below.

  • The cost of the audit includes 2 checks of the implementation of the recommendations described in the report.
  • With further website promotion, we will deduct the cost of the audit from the cost of the first month of promotion.

Questions and answers

Will I get into TOP5 or TOP10 for all my queries after the SEO audit?

After fulfilling the recommendations described in the technical task, you will receive growth in the positions, but this doesn’t mean that all the desired queries will get into TOP10. Since the complexity of promotion for different requests depends on the competition in the topic and the popularity of the request. However, some of the moderately competitive queries are likely to make it to the first page of search results.

What result can I expect?

On one condition, if you follow all the recommendations described in the technical task, you can expect an increase in traffic from 20% to 500%, depending on the initial level of search engine optimization. For example, you can look at the dynamics of the project’s growth in the topic “dating site” which has followed all the recommendations. At the start, the external search engine optimization of the site was almost at the basic level. The graph shows jumps in traffic after the completion of technical tasks in mid-April, May, and at the end of June, the site began to rapidly increase its visibility in search engines.

seo site audit

seo site audit

I have no developers, will you help me fulfill the recommendations on the site?

We can help you find a team of qualified developers to perform external SEO site optimization. Including: speeding up the site, setting up a mobile or adaptive version of the implementation of SEO recommendations. However, the cost of writing a technical task doesn’t include the cost of the programmers’ work and the layout designers’ work.

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